“We didn’t just want to create a vegan gelato, we wanted to create a remarkable product. One which when anyone tastes it, they sit back and say, now that’s remarkable!”

What makes us so eye-poppingly good?

Lower in fats, lower in sugars, lower in air, and you know what that means? With less of these items all that does is leave more space for the tasty ingredients which create our remarkable flavours. Like more fruit, more chocolate, more gelato goodness.

About Us

Since cousins Charlotte and Farah founded our shop located on the magical Holy Island of Lindisfarne, back in 2011, they have been on a gelato journey for the last decade which has taken them to the very epicentre of the gelato world, Italy.

With a family that suffers from a mixture of food intolerances Charlotte and Farah have made it their mission to create seriously tasty vegan gelato. A product which when anyone tastes it, they sit back and say, now that’s remarkable!

Sustainability is high on our agenda, and whether it is our completely recyclable aluminium tins that we serve our gelato in, or each pot containing an edible Spoontainable spoon, we see it as our duty to create a delicious and sustainable future for us all.

Free from dairy – Free from gluten – Free from lactose – Free from egg

Free from everything but flavour,
Now that’s remarkable!

Our flavours include…

  • Pilgrims Coffee Espresso Iced Latte
  • Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Brownie Mudslide
  • Sea Salt Blue Vanilla Shake
  • Candied Double Ginger Delight
  • and more…….


Edible Spoons


Spoons you can EAT!

Spoontainable’s edible cutlery is one of our sustainable alternatives for plastic. With their edible ice cream spoon, we are taking the first step towards a more sustainable future.

For the production of the Spoontainable sustainable and edible spoons, they rescue shells from chocolate production, which they then process into fibres. These are the fibres from cocoa beans, for example, or from oats. They are full of valuable fibre and provide stability to the structure of the spoon, perfect for digging into our tasty gelato.


They save shells from the cocoa and grain industry

…process them into fibres…

…which then become edible spoons

Pilgrims Gelato Family


Here we have Farah, our geletician! You will usually hear her singing away in the kitchen before you see her.


This is Molly! Molly is our digital genie and a member of a Ceilidh band where she plays the fiddle. 


Belinda is our wonderful fudge master, and a bit of a local baking hero from her days as a local teaching assistant.


If Jane isn’t serving up gelato in our Holy Island scoop shop, she’ll be helping the gelato queen Farah in the kitchen creating our tasty gelato.


Charlotte is our joint founder. If she’s not plotting our next big move, she is busy training for her next ultramarathon!

Meet our new sustainable tins

These aluminium beauties can be melted down and recycled forever. Enjoy your delicious free from gelato and know you are doing the planet a favour at the same time. As a brand we strive to be as sustainable as possible, and all the choices we make in our packaging and product represent the most sustainable options available to us at the current time.

Plant a tree with us…

We’ve made it our mission to be as sustainable as possible, and as part of that we have decided to embed restoration into our business. For every 10 gelatos we sell we will donate 1 tree through the charity TreeSisters.

This means that every time your shop with us, as well as supporting a sustainable business you’ll help pay for a tree to be planted in the tropics (at no extra cost to you). TreeSisters offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women’s leadership, nature-connection, and significant behaviour change.

They are funding the restoration of environments, biodiversity and communities within more than 10 major ecosystems around the tropics.

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