Why has the craze of fudge lasted all these years? because it’s just buttery tasty goodness!

We thought don’t change something if it’s not broken. So, we have kept that creamy, buttery goodness and added a bit of Pilgrims fudge pizzazz!

Eye-poppingly tasty scrumptious fudge made with love on Holy Island.

Our family have been making fudge on Holy Island for the past 20 years to our secret recipe. In this time, we have created 70 different flavours, and with the customer’s expert feedback we have settled on the five scrumptious flavours for our next wholesale adventure.

Our flavours…

  • Vanilla raspberry fruit delight
  • Zesty lemon meringue
  • Chocolate brownie mudslide
  • Salted caramel golden crunch
  • Caramel boozy rum and raisin

Our fudge pots are made from recycled card…

Which means we haven’t asked the little tree chopper men to cut down some fresh trees for us. We choose to use what was already recycled and we still think it looks beautiful, and you know what? You can pop it straight back into that recycling bin to be turned into another fantastic product to live another day!

The company we have selected are part of a reforestation project, which means buy buying this product trees are replanted, and jobs and communities are supported.

Hampers for Holiday Cottages

Family is important to us here at Pilgrims Fudge so we have teamed up with our founder’s brother, who happens to own the famous Pilgrims Coffee, to offer a truly unique hamper for your holiday cottages.

Everything in the hamper has been created on the magical Holy Island of Lindisfarne and includes fudge, coffee & tea.

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